Thank You

During our honeymoon we were reflecting on the people that were or weren’t there it was to be honest a little overwhelming for us personally. Just seeing at the wedding and looking at all the people that were there it was so touching because you guys have played such an important part in me and Becca’s meeting and just constant encouragement and also endless great advice on dating and marriage it has been such a blessing. And then there is people that were in other countries or other parts of the country that was dealing with mother nature that couldn’t attend. It really hit me when Becca and I were doing communion in which we had lots of friends that couldn’t attend our wedding because of certain circumstances. It was overwhelming just praying and trying to thank all you guys that couldn’t attend we cry saying our prayers and just wishing you were here physically but in that moment we felt the presences of all of you guys being there.

I just want to start out by saying thank you to my family  they mean the world to me. The thing I treasure most is our family cookouts my dad and uncles are arguing how good the lakers are going to be in the future, while me and my cousins play a mean physical game of 21 while my aunts and my mom just chill in the backyard talking. They have taught me family is so important I know we all have somewhere to be but sometimes we got to take a break from the Cali or Florida life and just simply laugh, joke, and just enjoy each other’s company.

I got to shout out to the boys from California who I grew up with from either grade school or travel basketball. You guys taught me how to take jokes and throw it back. It made me become the easy going guy people see now not taking life too seriously. But also taught me there is a time to be serious and there are times to be chill. You guys have been such a blessing in my life that I can honestly say that I spent more time with you guys with school or traveling playing basketball then I did with my own family. You ride or die with me on and off the court and you taught me what loyalty was all about in which how good or bad the situation looks, you were always by my side and I just want to thank the Cali homies for that.

Off to my Utahians from Intervaristy, Washington Heights, and Alpine just showing me grace and love. One thing that this community has done for me is taught me how to handle failure because to me personally if I never knew how to handle failure I would never be able to overcome certain failures in my life. You guys have help me grow in my faith that I never that I could personally say I thought I would be  at 10 years ago. Thank you for challenging me everyday to grow in my faith and pursue a more meaningful relationship with Becca then just being emotionally numb.  

Last but not least is the people around the world that have taught me how to be missional from South America, Africa, and South East Asia that you guys has showed me a different life on how to live and honor God. I have never been so moved or touched in such a way that I personally felt the Holy Spirit move me to point of me weeping and trying to implement the Aaron that was on those missions to this Aaron now in the States. I want to say thank you for constant emails and prayers for me and Becca to be a light in our community and just being in the moment and present with everyone around us.

Hello guys this is Becca! I as well thinking back to that special day we had it was so great and so meaningful. As Aaron said above it was so special having all the people have been huge influences in our lives throughout our own personal life and in each others lives. I truly have never felt more loved than how I felt that day. I also want to thank everyone who came that special day and helped us celebrate what God has brought together.

I want to first of all say thank you to my amazing beautiful mother who without her none of it would have been able to happen. I can’t even put into words how much of an amazing mom and person she is, she made my fairytale wedding become a reality and I honestly can’t thank you enough. I can only return the favor when you get married to your prince one day. Also want to thank all of my family that took time out of there lives, job, etc to drive/fly out and be apart of the special day. You have always been so important to me and I always love when I get the opportunity to have the family all together and really getting to laugh and just be intentional with each other. It is one of my favorite things growing up is just how close we all are and how I know if I need anything I can call you guys. I also want to thank my wedding coordinator that has become family thank you for all your hard work and making everything go as smoothly as it did. Also thank you for taking some pressure off so my mom could enjoy the big day as well.

Second I want to thank my literal second family here in Utah. Alpine has been a huge part of my life since about my sophomore year in high school. I am so thankful and blessed by the people God has put into my life through this church. Thank you for loving me even when I was a loud and obnoxious teenager to the loud but more mellow woman that I am now. Your love and grace has really made me love Utah so much. It has been so encouraging being mentored by some of you and just really getting to see Godly marriages modeled for us as we embark on this new adventure.

I want to thank another part of my life that without it I wouldn’t have met Aaron.. I kind of want to thank Jordan Barbadillo for being very persistent with me in that time in my life. Intervarsity you have been a huge part of our lives and a huge part of our community throughout our relationship. As annoying as it was at the time having Aaron living with five guys that would (take turns) coming down stairs and cuddle with us just to make sure we wouldn’t break boundaries. Or we had a couple of kids that would hang out with us so we weren’t alone very much and always made our relationship interesting. I love you guys so much and am so blessed that I moved back and got into this community without you we wouldn’t be married right now. Thank you for loving us so much and caring not only about us individually but caring about our relationship as well.

I just want to thank every single person that came and also those who couldn’t come because of life or the hurricane. Thank you, thank you for loving me and Aaron and thank you for praying for us as Aaron said above. It has been such an incredible journey seeing how much people care about us and how much people want the ultimate best for us. We so appreciate the prayers and the encouragement and we will continue to  need those. We made a commitment to each other that day in front of God and in front of our closest friends and family to keep us accountable in the times we need. Thank you again everyone from the bottom of our hearts.



I just want to apologize that I haven’t been writing the last two weeks. So let me give you the update of me and Becca in the last month. So this past month we did our premarital counseling with the Van Engen’s and it has been so helpful but mostly powerful on how we deal with certain situations within our relationship.If you are engaged and haven’t thought about premarital I recommend that you and your spouse give it some thought because there are things that premarital can dig up that you and your spouse never thought about. Having them doing our premarital was awesome because Paula has been meeting with Becca for almost the last two years but it also helps that they are good friends before that. And at one point I was meeting with Gerrod and just talking about what I need to work on with my relationship with Becca but work made it difficult to meet up constantly for me. I don’t know how premarital is for everyone but I feel like for us it was smooth and no awkwardness about certain subject aka SEX. The Van Engens have been a huge blessing in our lives just to be able to talk to them about everything that I know would be super awkward and weird to talk to our parents about.

During these meeting it was an eye-opening for me on how much I need to grow in this relationship with Becca to make things work in our marriage. The thing I know I struggle with Becca is communication I’m not the most vocal when it comes to things about my feelings. If I want to help our marriage succeed I just need to tell Becca how I am doing and feeling instead of what she has been doing which is guessing how I am, it’s not fair to her to play that game with me. I haven’t been the best boyfriend for Becca just being so emotional numb not willing to open up to her. Asides from that I’m also a horrible listener on top of that. I am now re-reading this blog post and I don’t know how I am engaged let alone still in a relationship with this awesome woman of God. What I was challenged at the end of our session of premarital is to respond to every text or whenever she says with “ I will do ________.” The learning curve for me is starting right when we step foot into Alpine on that Wednesday night of premarital I have so much to learn.

Since being engaged a lot of people have been telling me that the first year is the hardest to me I’m like that is definitely not true for us. Because I feel like being married to me every year will be hard because we will be constantly learning throughout this marriage. Becca and I will never be content we have seen couples that have been content during either their relationship or marriage and it hasn’t ended well. Me and Becca have been trying to grow our relationship whether it’s hanging out with other couples that we can learn from or being a mentor for other couples it has been a huge blessing to be on both sides of that. One thing that we have been making an effort of lately is being able to read our bible together and just when we have questions about certain things that we read is that we both try to find out what it means and give our perspective on what it’s trying to interpret. All in all i don’t want to be content but I do want to challenge and learn something new. I know Becca will always challenge me and I want to be able to do the same thing in which it doesn’t seem that she is doing all the heavy lifting that she knows that she can count on someone to be there for her.  


Utah is a beautiful place that I have found to love over the years. It is a super beautiful place filled with many hiking opportunities and breathtaking mountains. I don’t know if I have mentioned that this engagement process has brought out a TON of emotions for me. Just feeling super overwhelmed with joy and excitement to start this new journey with Aaron but also feeling alone and trying to find myself before this huge thing happens in my life and I am with Aaron for the rest of my life. (Not saying being stuck with him is a bad thing ;)) It is just obviously a huge commitment. Lately I have been also thinking that Utah is just a hard place to live sometimes. I am currently writing this blog post while I am sitting in my mom’s living room while we watch Pitch Perfect in the beautiful Arizona. Utah is a beautiful place to live and so are the people, but it is also a really broken place. Utah is like no other state I have lived in (I have lived in a lot of states) is like Utah. It is just super hard sometimes when you live in a state that is one of the highest for many sad things including; teen suicide, depression, plastic surgery, pornography addiction, etc. I find myself getting caught up in this whole I must look the best on the outside so that people will take me seriously or that people won’t think bad things about me or even so that Aaron will be proud to be marrying me. *which are ALL lies* Also I have honestly been in a dry spell with God for about a year now  and I have known for a while but I didn’t know what to do until coming to Arizona.

Today me and my beautiful mom went to her church (Calvary Chapel) if you’ve never heard of this church they usually take a book in the Bible and study it verse by verse every Sunday. Right now they are going through the book of Revelation and we talked about chapter 22 verses 1-5. I have grown up in the church as I said in my last blog post but I have always been kind of nervous/scared to learn about Revelation. Today the pastor talked about what we will be doing in Heaven and also what we need to be doing now on earth until we are in Heaven. Something that really hit me that the pastor said is that we need to spend time with God just hanging out not necessarily asking Him for something but simply being with Him. He also said that NOTHING is going to fill that void that God will fill for you. (It sounds like a super simple concept to get but sometimes you just need the reminder) I think that God is really trying to show me that for a while now. I keep trying to fill all these things in my life to make me feel better and the only thing I know I need is God.

I also feel like it is a lesson He is trying to show me right now before I get married because I know that when me and Aaron get married my loneliness will not go away because I have a husband. That is putting a lot of pressure and unrealistic expectations on Aaron that won’t be fulfilled and will lead to a lot of fights. It is such a hard lesson to learn but I really need God because I am tired of feeling dry and just distant from Him. Also I am feeling God calling me to do some crazy stuff so stay in touch for that and I really want to read Revelations now.

Does anyone else know what I am saying? So just know if you are in a dry spell, feeling lonely, out of place know that you are NOT alone and God wants to be right here with you in this place. This week I encourage you to go just BE with God and hang out with Him like you hang out with one of your best friends.


My generation is all about what’s in whether it’s the latest iphone, Smart TV, car and so forth that we have created a culture that it’s all about the money what you can afford with it. We are taught at an early age that it’s all about going to the right school, picking the right major, getting a good paying job in which he can save all the money. I think as a community for young adults that it is hard to not think that because security is key just in case something does happen. But we shouldn’t put all of our hopes into being safe with our money. If you go throughout the bible i promise you there isn’t a verse that goes “you should put your trust in your 401k.” I see with friends, family, and coworkers that we have to be safe and once we are safe we can start making a difference in the world. I think it’s the other way around that we should go out of our comfort zone and occupy all of our streets (Carl Lentz saying), reach out to our coworkers, and maybe God wants you somewhere else where you are currently living. You look at the 11 disciples that went out to spread the word of the God in which they spend 3 years with Jesus and seeing how to live which is not safe they all had sacrificed their own life for the greater good of humanity. I’m not here to make you feel guilty because I’m in the same boat but i know we can make great influences maybe not on a scale of Billy Graham or Bob Houston but we can influence people around us that can make earth shattering difference for our family, friends, and co workers.       

I was talking to a pastor and he has told me that money is a great thing to have but it’s seems it can be never enough because people don’t know how to be generous with it. He has told me the many people that has given money to the church and has never seen one of them struggle with money the more they make the more they give. Too me him saying that was like a fairy tale because the more money I make to me the more I’ll buy useless things (like a nintendo ds i just purchase 30 minutes before writing this….). I was like wow how did you develop such a culture of generosity like that at your church. He give me a history of how his family move from Miami, Florida to Bronx, New York and during the first service they had his dad who was the pastor at the time ask the congregation to voice any prayers they had. With people saying there prayers out loud it sounded weird because only pastor or anyone on the worship team will pray i never heard a service where the congregation will pray out loud before. But he goes on at the age of 12 he said after someone said a prayer someone in that congregation will answer. He remembers two occasions in that service when a man ask for a job then someone answer that having a job opening. Then a family needed $25,000 for a surgery in which his dad grab a bucket and wrote a check and started passing that bucket around to the point when it got to the last person they gave $31,167 and ever since that first service it sent a culture of giving in my friends church. Now they are a world wide church in which 6 years ago they gave $500,000 to start a church in Prague then last year they gave over a million to start another church in Berlin I was blown away that they can give so much to start up a church and literally trying to reach other in part of the world that no one thinks about. It’s so ironic to me that it’s more of a fairy tale than a reality. He sees as here is the money, resources, staff, or whatever you need but start reaching people because they have seen the impact through their mission trip that they know seed has been planted now they just need to resources to water those seeds to see them blossom in which they have done.  

It’s been an interesting last two weeks trying to be much more Godly with my money and its by far so hard for me to change my train of thought of giving more than the 10% I make but actually sponsor kids in Mozambique and Haiti its been a blessing in which I know I’m not perfect but making baby steps to help other people in need. I know the $10 I spend going out to dinner on myself when i’m to lazy to cook would actually help a kid in Cambodia get clean water for a month and a child in Uzbekistan to have a meal to eat for the whole week. It’s hard for me because I’m very money oriented in which i need to have a 401k and a retirement fund in which i’m not saying having those thing are bad but I put so much into that if God ask me to give it all away it would be one of the toughest things for me to do. But at the same time it make sense God doesn’t ask us to do the easy things but the things that are difficult. But like my friends said is that there is no way giving away money will ever put you in a financial strangle but God will bless you in ways you never think he was able to.


It is a word that we all hear if you have gone to church or you have been in the church all your life. I as some of you know if you are reading this grew up in the church. Always went to church every Sunday/ Wednesday for youth, went to a private school for majority of my life and grew up with pretty strict parents. I loved the way I grew up and always felt like I had awesome people surrounding me. I never drank, smoked or even went on dates. At the time I didn’t really feel weird about it because all my friends around me were in the same boat. I grew up and went to college and then kind of figured out I am not like everyone else. I started getting into Intervaristy Christian Fellowship and learned that a lot of people that I was meeting had really extravagant stories where they almost died and then found Jesus (not all of them but a lot seemed like that). I was always like ah man how is Jesus calling me to ministry when I haven’t experienced things as much as other people have. As I have grown since moving here I have come to really think my story is unique and different compared to my friends or even fiance’s story (which is obviously true because we are all different people). I do although find myself wondering if God could use my story when so many people have experienced such brokenness in there lives and have experienced death. I am not saying that I haven’t experienced some pretty hard things because I have. I just choose to tell people when it is needed. I have felt lately that even though my story is different then a lot of my peers and I am proud through the grace of God that He would keep me from those things. I have felt lately that people think that since I haven’t done a lot of these things or experienced much that it is hard for people to talk to me because I am judging them or I will think differently of them. I know it is a lie and I try not to come off as one of those “Oh you drink and have sex you are going to hell” kind of Christian because that is not who I am. I want people to know I am NOT perfect by any means and I really do struggle everyday. I have no place to judge or tell who is or isn’t going to hell because I should be going there as well. Thank God for Jesus.

I just want to encourage those who are like me and don’t think that you have an extravagant story or testimony, know that you DO. I  know it is kind of lonely seeing all your friends dating and being with someone but if you have certain things you are looking for it is okay to wait for that. I think we need to remember that no one will be perfect but it will happen if you are patient enough. Personally it was super hard seeing my friends and everyone around me in high school and afterwards seeing people date and look so happy  but I knew that when I dated someone it would be worth the wait. I had to go through some heartbreak but then I found my fiance Aaron and being able to tell him that he would be my first everything from kiss to eventually sex  was a struggle before and during but I knew would be completely worth it. So know that your story IS enough, and worth sharing and you should be praising God that He helped you be able to say no to those things. It is a lot harder to say no and go with the crowd especially in the society we live in today. So I encourage you continue to walk this journey the way that you have been. People are watching you whether you think they are or not.

I also want to encourage the ones who haven’t had the “perfect” life and who have made some bad choices. One you are not a terrible person, you are loved and that is NOT who you are anymore. Maybe you are ashamed of your story of what you have done in your past but know that you went through that for a reason. Maybe that is to help other people who have experienced it or are going through it. Also know that God is going to use what you have or are going through for the good and you may not know what that is for right now, or even later but it is for a purpose. Also know that shame and guilt is not from God, that is from satan. God doesn’t want  you to live in that or feel bad about what you have done He wants you to walk in grace and love. He loves you so much and wants so much for you, more than you have for yourself. Your story matters and your story is going to change lives whether you think it will or not. You are enough and you are worth telling your story.

If you need to talk to someone or if you want prayer, no matter what it is don’t hesitate to message/ text me. This journey is not easy and that is why we need community to help us get through it. We are NOT alone.


Becca Gregson.


Who are you

Have you ever been lost reading scripture? I’m not meaning you don’t know what you are reading but you are so in to the parable of what you are reading you are just disappointed when the parable is over. This week I was reading Luke 10 the famous story of the Good Samaritan. Beginning verse 25 there is a lawyer that is an expert of the law and he ask Jesus how do I inherit eternal life? And as Jesus normal does he’ll answer your question with another question he tells the lawyer what does the Law of Moses say? The lawyer answers his own question to question he ask Jesus in verse 27. Then Jesus says do that and you will live and the lawyer then ask Jesus who is my neighbor? In which Jesus ends up telling the famous parable of the Good Samaritan.

The parable is about a Jewish man that travels 17 miles from Jerusalem to Jericho but on the way he gets robbed and beaten up to a point he is nearly dead. There is a priest that is there but just doesn’t help the man but goes out of his way to cross the street to avoid walking past or over the man. Then there is a temple assistant that sees the Jewish man but literally looks at him and walks over him. If I was that Jewish man I have been ready to throw down the next time I them. He must be like “BRUH” are you serious help a brother out! Then a Samaritan man came along and saw the Jewish man. Before I tell you what happen the back-story of the Samaritan people and Jewish people they just HATE each other. It’s like a Boston Red Sox fans and a New York Yankee fans or every football fan that hates the patriots or now every basketball fan despises the Golden State warriors and hoping that Russell Westbrook wins a NBA championship before Kevin Durant (Last part was my personal frustration that KD left Russell high and dry). But you get the point Jews and Samaritans just don’t like each other. So Samaritan man see the Jew and helps him aiding him with Olive oil, wine, and then bandaging him up. This man gave him the good stuff to heal him just not simply just water. Then he puts him on his donkey and takes him to an inn with an actual inn-keeper (most inns didn’t have an inn taker). So he took him to like one of those fancy resorts not no motel then he ended up telling the inn taker he is two day worth of wages (pretty much handing him a debit card) anything he needs just charge it if it goes over my wages ill pay it when he comes back! What a guy! So Jesus asks who is the good neighbor? If I was the lawyer I would’ve been like are you serious we both know who the good guy is Jesus. We can make assumption that the lawyer is Jewish because he says “THE ONE” who showed mercy he couldn’t say Samaritan that help the Jewish man it shows how much dislike the Jews had for the Samaritan.

Which of the 4 characters are you right now? (I’m not including Jesus because we’ll never be like him but we will always strive to be the best we can be everyday and I’m grouping the priest and temple assistant as one character). I’ve been 3 of the 4 characters. I’ve been the lawyer knowing what I have to do but always coming up with the excuses to not do it. Knowing scripture but not really knowing what its saying. I’ve been the Jew that’s been beaten down laying on the road yelling out to Jesus and God where are you?!? Feeling like giving up just been by myself to a point that when people ask me how I am doing I give them a basic answer “good” or “okay” but if someone said your not looking good what’s wrong I would break down and tell them that I’m about to give up I’m so done not having God not answer my prayers but he answer everyone else’s. Where I am at right now is where the priest and the temple assistant are. I have a great job and walking with God but I am literally missing the point. I have an awesome job, have a great group of friends from all over the country, and now getting married to the love of my life but doing this whole time I am missing the point. There are people at work that needs encouragement or just needs someone to talk to but I am so focus at my job to get things done first. I have friends that want to talk to me but I’m too busy and just making up excuses why I can’t talk to them. When I proposed to Becca I didn’t even thank God for her saying yes or blessing me with an awesome woman of God for the rest of my life. I’m walking with God but I am missing the point or I’ll take it a step further is that I am avoiding the point because it will be out of my comfort zone. I ended up where I wanted to be but I’m not the person who I’m supposed to be. Last but not least there is the last person who we all WANT to be is the Good Samaritan we don’t know what he has been doing before helping the Jewish man but he gets it! It’s not about him but it’s about others! This is a person that was suppose to dislike this Jew but see’s pass that and just does what is simply right. Samaritan was move by compassion to help this Jewish man and he use expensive resources to help heal and take care of this person. It’s just incredible how selfless this person can be.

Wherever you are in your walk with God whether you are the Lawyer the one making the excuses, Jew beaten half to death because someone has left, hurt, or abandoned you, or the Priest/temple assistant making it but missing the point. I know we all want to be the Good Samaritan but I feel for me personally that it’s a lot more fictionally now to be that Good Samaritan than it was 10 years ago. How is that even possible? At the end of parable Jesus tells the Lawyer to go out and do the same. If I were the lawyer I will be like how would I do that? That’s impossible Jesus? I visualize that Jesus is saying I know you it is but are looking at the Good Samaritan. I think Jesus is just saying that you him in your life whether you’re the lawyer that knows the laws now carry out what you know. If you are the person that is barley alive just know that the Jesus is there he has never left. If you are the priest/temple assistant take a step back and slow down because there are people that needs you and values your opinion. I personally feel that wherever you are in your walk with God if you strive yourself to be selfless like the Samaritan you will have moments like that. There is so much hate in this world if you can show compassion and love you have such an impact at your workplace and with friends. The more we strive to be like Jesus or the Good Samaritan we would change the cultural but the culture wont change us!


Our world has been going through so much these last couple months. Sometimes it is super hard for me to even watch the news or even some days open Facebook and see all the death and the hate going on in our world today. It breaks my heart and I know that it breaks God’s heart. I don’t know why this is all happening and I don’t think we have to know the answer to that honestly. God told us our world was going to get worse before it could get better.

I think this is also true for our own life. I know that we all have different seasons that we go through that life brings us, some are super joyful and some are really hard. We don’t know why God brings us through them while we are going through it. Then after some time or maybe even years we figure out why God had us go through that, or why He called us to do something. An example in my life that I have been thinking about a lot this week is, I moved back to Utah with my best friend three years ago this week. It is crazy it has been that long and that so much stuff has changed since we moved.We definitely didn’t know why God called us back here back then and what things we would have to endure to figure that out. I personally believe if it wasn’t for us moving back and following God’s call on our lives Andrea would not be a missionary teacher in the Philippines right as we speak and I would have never met the man of my dreams and wouldn’t be getting married to him in just 75 days. We might not understand why things happen or why we go through the things we do but God is using it and you for a purpose. Whenever I am going through a weird season (time of my life) I always try and remember this metaphor. God is the potter and we are the clay. We are pretty rugged and messed up right now and we don’t think that we are worth anything or that we can even be worthy. God sees all of that but He also sees the potential in us and the beauty that is going to come out of it. While he is making us beautiful and perfecting us it is going to be painful and it is not always going to be a walk in the park. When He is finished with us though, we are going to be so beautiful.

Right now I think I am going through one of those painful parts. I as I said above I am getting married in just 75 days. It is one of the days in my life that is going to be the happiest and also a day that is going to change everything. It isn’t just me anymore I get the privilege to have a partner to walk this crazy/scary/exciting life with. These last few months have been super exciting with just getting engaged and the excitement of the wedding I had been secretly planning before we were engaged being official and I could talk about it. I think right now God is showing me that even when I get married to Aaron it isn’t just going to solve all my loneliness and all my insecurities. The only one that is and will be able to do that is God and with that He has really brought me to feel that, break me, and bring me to my knees. I know that it isn’t the most fun place right now but I know that it will prepare me for a beautiful marriage.



Why I Propose

Hello people this is A-Aron writing to you. Me and Becca are going to be updating this blog by alternating every Sunday by talking about pretty much everything about our relationship. Becca wrote in the last blog that I propose. And to many people in Utah and probably both of our parents saying FINALLY! Or ABOUT DAMN TIME! I got to admit there was no better time to propose to my future wife then the weekend of Mr. Eddie Ma’s wedding. Just because I was able to tell my friends that I have been growing up playing ball since 2nd grade and seeing friends that I haven’t seen since high school or 1st year of college. Mr. Eddie Ma I thank you! I’m not going to repeat on how I did it (because she already wrote that in her last post) but I’ll tell you the reason why I propose to her. Hands down the hardest relationship I ever been in. We have been dating for almost 3 years but in a sexless relationship it feels like 6 years for a guy like myself that has already had sex. It’s just so amazing that two people that are totally opposite with their walk with God met in a little bible study in building 5 at Weber State. I have had sex she hasn’t, I have smoke that good kush she hasn’t, I haven’t been true to God she HAS, I think you guys and gals got the point on how different we are it’s like Wiz Khalifa dating Taylor Swift it’s just weird. Sometimes I wonder why she choose me instead of someone else because my resume as a Christian or being a man of God is horrible. Becca has taught me so much about loving others it’s so unreal how narrow minded I was on that part of my relationship with others. How I knew love was physical, by having sex with other women that’s how I knew love. But when you go to church with Becca Gregson to any Alpine location she is like a celebrity she is known by everyone it’s ridiculous but after a while you see why they all love her. She is the most gift giving, loving, and encouraging person that they every came across. There have been many times we have walked through Gordmans or Target where there is a sign, mug, journal, or coloring book that makes her think of someone that is going through a tough time and she will buy it and write such an encouraging letter and in my head I’m like why are you doing that we could’ve use that for a red box, but when I hear sometimes these girls will cry and thank her or it’s exactly what they needed it make sense why so many people love her. Because at the end of the day she has made someone feel like they are not alone that there is someone thinking of them when they feel like there is no one that is. It’s quite hard to date someone that changes a lot of people’s lives by doing random acts of kindness. She’s brought me out of my comfort zone by a lot and I’m not one that likes to talk about MY problems because I’m not very open with emotions. The one thing that has stuck with me is how in my pervious relationship my ex told me she actually never knew me because how unopen I was about my problems that I was emotionally numb…. and we had been dating for over two years, when a girl tells you that you have messed up big time. So when I told Becca about my problems in my life I told her that is why I feel like I shouldn’t mentor anyone because how screwed up I am no one wants to be around this F’ed up guy but she taught me to use my weakness and turn it into my strength. We live in a state that everyone around me is perfect or has to act a certain way that everyone has no problems but once I told my story to others on my journey with God how unique, bumpy, and rough it was I can see a lot more people relating with me and asking how did you do it? All I can remember is Becca’s eyebrows rising up and her eyes get really big it’s one of those telepathic conversations that me and her have in which she was telling me that you are more important than you think you are to these college students. Asides from that the thing she loves about it is how I talk to other guys is very raw and real I like to keep it 100 (Austin Roeda’s voice). Don’t get me wrong I can get to real sometimes and tell it like it is too harshly and Becca reels me in to tell me you have to know the person you are talking to; some people will react differently to your style. I love talking about my failures and my flaws because I don’t mind people picking my brain or asking me the hard question I now love those conversations because I know I ain’t going to be Jesus but I try to strive myself every day to be like him. People ask me what is different about you. I tell them it’s simple God has been a constant in my life and putting in the time and effort to talk to him and Becca just being there supporting me through my walk with God always watering the seed that so many people have planted before she came into the picture. It’s been fun having her on my side being my no.1 fan that will encouraging me on anything I’ll be doing. It’s been my hardest relationship but at the end of the day it will be the best relationship I’ll ever be in.

New Beginnings

We really have not been good about doing this considering we haven’t wrote anything since January of 2015. Well you could say that a lot of things have happened since last year. So I will give you a little update on what is going on in our lives and our relationship.

Aaron is doing great he is working at a hospital and at Lens Crafters. He loves both of these jobs and is really enjoying his coworkers and getting to know them. He got accepted into medical school and will be going Fall of 2017. We will see what he ends up specializing in but right now it is being an eye doctor. I know that he will do great whichever doctor he decides to become.

I have been working at a Credit Union for the last seven months and I am a teller there. I love it so much and love the people I work with. It is definitely not one of those jobs that you dread going to. I am almost finished with my degree I have about 10 more classes and I can finally say this long journey will be over with. I am hoping to either start my own organization with my degree to help women with body image, get out of violent relationship and more or work along an already started organization that help and empower women.

For our relationship things have changed a bit you could say. On June 17, 2016 Aaron and I went to California for a wedding that he was in. We got to his parents house ate some of his mom’s delicious homemade food and then went out and went to this place called the Urban Lights and then the Santa Monica Pier. I had never been there before and we were talking about how alive it is in California at 12am compared to Utah when at that time it is dead. We walked around and Aaron saw one of those photo booths and asked if I wanted to take some pictures in there with him and I was just like yeah for sure. So we get into the photo booth and take a picture and then the next frame he is on the floor and I am like “Uh what are you doing we are being timed?” and that is when he was actually getting on one knee and getting the ring out of his secret pocket and asked me “Will you marry me?”. Obviously I was surprised about the whole experience but was so so incredibly excited to marry my best friend and I said “Yes of course.” I knew it was coming because we had been planning the wedding before it happened but still wasn’t expecting it.

These last two and a half years of dating Aaron we have been through so much together that life has brought us happy and sad. He has taught me to love people, love myself and see what others see in me, laugh when things aren’t perfect, ask the hard questions and be raw, he makes me want to be a better person. Before you say ah man yet another couple to get married in this crazy summer love season. I want you to know that me and Aaron are the first to tell you that we are no where near perfect. We have a hard time with pride, insecurities, and boundaries. That is probably the struggle we have always had to talk about continuously and we are still struggling with it now that we are engaged. Remaining pure is super important to us and I never thought it would be a struggle obviously until I got into a serious relationship. Thankfully we have a great God who understands and knows how hard it is and loves us despite how many times we make mistakes. We try harder everyday and sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is a struggle. We have two months left to fight the good fight. I can’t wait to see and grow in our relationship and in our marriage.  I am so excited we are now at 88 days until we get to start our life together. We are getting married on October 7, 2016 and I am so excited. These next two months are going to fly by.

Long Time No Read!

Well hello everybody. It seriously has been to long since we both wrote anything on here. I am excited to say we are probably going to have at least two entries a month from us so be excited about that. It is our new years resolution that we are excited to start back up. So a lot of things have been happening since we last wrote on here. I went to Haiti in July then started working again I took the semester off of school just to focus and see what God wanted me to do and if that was to go to Weber or to go somewhere else. So fast forward a couple months to 2015. I am going to be starting spring semester at Wayland Baptist University online to get my bachelors in Christian Ministry. I am super excited about what God has in store for me in the future and what I am going to be doing with that. God has been doing a lot of crazy things in both me and Aaron’s lives. He can probably tell you what He has been through these last few months with going to Cambodia and also a Intervarsity Conference called Ambition. Personally God has been showing me just how I am a leader I just have to change my attitude not only just with that but with every aspect of my life. I have a huge passion for women ministry and also I have a Facebook page called Beauty Mark that is pretty much helping girls/guys with body image and just encouraging in there walk with God. So that is something He has been showing me and just also with being a leader you have to get out of your comfort zone and just ask people if they want to come to your Bible study the worst that could happen is they say no. We live in a country where we are so privileged to be able to openly talk about God and how mighty and good He is to us when other countries aren’t so privileged.So my goal for 2015 is to eat healthy/feel healthy also another goal of mine is to become a better leader and just do everything with all that I have for Him not anyone else, because why else are we living this life for?

As for me and Aaron’s relationship goes. We have grown a lot since we both posted on here. I am more in love with him than I ever have been before. I know it sounds super cheesy and cliche but it is so true. Seeing him grow and just fall more and more in love and on fire with my Lord makes me fall for him so much more. He has grown so much after going to Cambodia and the Intervarsity Conference. I can see that he sees in himself what God has in store for him and what he is truly capable of. I know that when we get married He will definitely be able to lead me as a man should in a marriage with God in the center and he will always have my back and be there to support me in whatever I do. I honestly ask God how I got so blessed to have him in my life and getting the opportunity to date such an amazing man of God. I am so excited to see what God has in store for both of our lives individually and together. I honestly can’t wait to marry him one day. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else in the world.